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Sky Powers FX 

Professional FOREX Trader & Photographer / Photo-Journalist

 Forex Trader

I am a Financial Markets and FOREX Trader, an Entrepreneur in the process of making a FORTUNE! My Mission is to PROFIT from Trading the Financial Markets, utilising both mine and clients pooled Investment Capital, using my Expertise, Knowledge both Technical and Fundamental in the Currency, Indices & Stock Markets, and In the process enjoy the autonomy, Massive PROFIT’S!, Zero Capital Gains, Minimal Fees and the excellent potential of Spread Betting!….. with potential returns way beyond what is offered by any Bank or Financial Institution, is worthy of such Commitment……SkyPowersFX.

Personal Mission

I have a vast experience of Life and Business, young and old enjoy my friendly enthusiastic positive personality ‘AND LISTEN TO ME!’ I’m aware of the ‘other’ intuitively and am Truth-Loving, respectful of all ages and ethnic backgrounds, and a Professional in my manner and dress. All my skills, talents and experience are totally committed to the Financial world of Investment and Financial Trading, creating wealth for myself, my Family and ALL who wish to join with SkyPowersFX! My role, I see as focused, supportive and dynamic, where I can make a difference, sharing my Enthusiasm and Passion for the Markets, and creating profits and Fortunes for a new generation of Investors and Entrepreneurs around the World. I have successfully traded my own Portfolio, and am confident with the results to offer partnerships, where we can enjoy some of the most lucrative markets in the world, making mutual PROFIT a healthy WIN WIN scenario!

Professional Photographer / Photo-Journalist

I have 30 years past experience from study to active Self-Employed Freelance working Photographer and photojournalist. As a photojournalist, I have done whatever it takes to get the Shot and have been 100% committed to frontline action and research… As a Professional Photographer, I’ve been involved in most aspects of Advertising, Marketing, Branding, Press, and PR. A major part of my Photographic business is self-promotion, dealing with Press, Photo, PR and Marketing Agencies worldwide, Individual clients, Companies as well as all the research and business development for my own Company……..view my work/experiences at

Life-Coach, Motivational Speaker-Philanthropist & Fundraising-Event Coordinator

I have studied Psychology and Astrology, Hypnotherapy and NLP over many years. I believe I am a natural inspirer and motivator of people and an effective motivational speaker and communicator! I have found through many years of experience that I meet people synergistically at the end of a life cycle and the beginning of a new……my work will always be to support myself and others to follow our Dreams-Heart and help realise our full potential through the POWER of CHOICE and FREE WILL and so take responsibility for this Life, here on this planet and ultimately a realization of our soul purpose in being here on this beautiful EARTH!  ‘One of my roles was with the March Of Dimes USA, a charity, who are caring for baby’s born to drug addicted parents, working with them was a profound period in my life’ my role, was to visit Large companies and enroll teams, by my motivational speaking, I inspired Company employee’s to walk/run a marathon in Los Angeles!!! called ‘Walk-America’….with one other colleague ‘WE’ enrolled 100+ teams!, some with over 100 staff in each team!, I organised all aspects of the Event, Coordinated and Photographing of all 100 teams and final Liaisons with the involved companies from the build-up to Phoneathon and final wrap-up party’…. with ‘AWESOME’ financial results!!!

Music Production and Events

Has also been one of my Entrepreneurial endeavours, DJ’ing, Writing, Singing, and production of tracks, promotion, and organisation of events. Parties and festivals at various levels…….fabulous times for sure!

Sky Powers Management Group

Sky Powers FX